Glossary of Terms

As part of their process of knowledge integration, for the past year the team of PhDs have developed a joint glossary of terms, resulting in a list of Key Concepts for PoST. These one-pagers provide a great starting point for anyone interested in the field of Sustainability Transformations, providing an interdisciplinary overview of how the concept has developed and become relevant in this field.

The glossary was developed as a participative process designed by Sadhbh Juárez-Bourke, in co-creation with the whole PoST PhD team and as part of her research, translating Freirean Pedagogy to the context of interdisciplinary research. With a focus on collaboration, the design supports knowledge integration through shifting from a culture of debate and discussion to a culture of dialogue. More details on the process design can be found here. The format of the key concepts has been inspired by the Key Concepts on Intercultural Dialogue edited by Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz.

Belief System


Change Agent








To cite one of the Key Concepts for PoST please use the following format (including only authors):

Juárez-Bourke, S., Rodriguez, G., Albrecht, S., Weber, H. (2019). Reflexivity. Key Concepts in Processes of Sustainability Transformation, 1. Available from: