It’s All About the People

The inauguration days for our research group combined a variety of things: discussions and getting to know one another, networking and presenting, good food and cosy evenings. However, the essence of all the activities were the people.

Katrin Rehak-Nitsche, head of department of science and research at the Robert Bosch foundation puts it bluntly: „It is all about the people!”. Robert Bosch is financing research that brings science and society together. Investing in people and projects that work to overcome not just disciplinary borders but that also challenge the idea of science being confined to its ivory tower, that knowledge is produced in disconnect to everyday life. The foundation aims for a more sustainable society where all kinds of backgrounds and knowledge working together.

People, for Maja Göpel, secretary- general of the German advisory council of global change, are in the centre of a transformation towards sustainability. The key, in her presentation, resides in people’s literacy, and their ability to make informed decisions and create change in society from the bottom-up.

I came to realize the people that have been talked about are we. The 12 young researchers working in their projects and trying to contribute to an understanding for transformation for sustainability. Trying to create connections in society, working with local actors in Lüneburg and all over the world. And working to create a strong bond in the research group itself. I think the inauguration and the work we have been doing in the group have been the first fruitful steps to do so. Putting the people in the centre.

My colleagues also did this, calling for all of us:“Let’s Make the Connections!” and join us in Starting the Transformation.

Karoline Poeggel

Karoline’s background is in Environmental Science and Public Management. She studied her Master in Environmental Communication and Management in Uppsala, Sweden at the Swedish University of Agricultural Science. Her research interest is centered around “Good Food” and communication of sustainability. Especially taking new perspectives and exploring alternative ways of communicating science and sustainability. In the Processes for Sustainability Transformations project she combines her interests taking the tenet “Food creates Identity” as basic hypothesis for her research. Learn more about Karoline's PhD project!

3 thoughts on “It’s All About the People”

  1. I very much enjoyed your event, the inspiring lectures and discussions – yet, first and foremost, seeing and feeling the positive vibe and dynamics within your team. Looking foward to future collaboration.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. sounds very interesting! Good Food is one of the major cornerstones to sustainability – I am so happy that the topic is receiving so much room in your project. If there is any way I can contribute – do let me know!
    Andrea Vaz-König – I

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