Processes of Sustainability Transformation (Robert Bosch Kolleg)

– final event –

When: February 16-17, 2021

Where: Virtual meeting, hosted by Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany

The Leuphana University of Lüneburg – together with the Robert Bosch foundation – is inviting you to the final event of the research project Processes of Sustainability Transformation, which is coming to an end in Spring 2021. The event will showcase the scientific findings and insights of an interdisciplinary group of 11 PhDs who systematically analysed processes of sustainability transformation in the textile and food sector, in different contexts, regions, and perspectives.

What to expect?
We plan for a two-day event, each day having a separate research focus.

  • The 1st Day, (February 16, Tuesday) is dedicated to exploring the research outcomes
  • The 2nd Day (February 17, Wednesday) is focused on the societal relevance and practical implications of research.

We propose an approach where scientists and practitioners are part of the same conversation, aiming to strengthen the exchange and integration of different types of knowledge, enabling mutual learning and potential integration of results. We encourage dialogues between these different communities and look forward to open questions, new ideas and means that might foster future collaboration and knowledge co-creation.

The event plans to bring together PhD students (from the project and from other academic institutions), representatives of partner universities and research institutes, practitioners from the food and textile sector, members of the research community, as well as several other stakeholders.

The program is organised around a set of questions that will guide discussions, workshops, and presentations throughout the two days. Questions are going to focus on exploring drivers and barriers of transformation processes towards sustainability, how transformation unfolds in different places and across time scales, and how can we reflect on the science-policy-practice interaction for sustainability transformation.

The event will include few keynote sessions, with talks by invited international scholars and practitioners, along with panel discussions. We have co-developed and refined session formats so as to provoke discussions and reflections among all participants, while offering the opportunity for everyone to contribute in creative ways. We will have two graphic facilitators who will help to synthesis and integrate findings from across the entire event.

For a detailed timetable with information about sessions and the full agenda click here.

We hope to see you soon!