Alternative Knowledge Production in Transformative Research

A Workshop on Systemic Constellation in Political-Environmental ContextsIf not in transformative research, where else can we experiment with alternative ways of knowledge production? The idea behind this question motivated me to share my experiences on two interactive sessions at the symposium on Real-World Laboratories in Karlsruhe.In their performance on transdisciplinary research by the Scientific Theatre … Keep reading

Let’s get experimental – The Real-world Laboratories Symposium

Written by Stefanie Albrecht and Stefan HilserOverview of the EventThe symposium in Karlsruhe in April 2018 was the final event for the 14 Real-world Laboratories (RwLs), also called BaWü Labs. This first laboratory ensemble for practice-oriented science on sustainability in Germany was funded for three years with 18 Mio. Euro by the federal state of … Keep reading